Join us as ZTE delves into an in-depth exploration of 5G-Advanced and its future impact on the wider ecosystem. The webinar will discuss the latest progress in 3GPP 5G-A and the potential for AI, machine learning and large-language model technologies to revolutionise the telecoms sector, supported by ZTE’s latest use cases. The discussion will extend to how 5G-A facilitates the integration of both 5G and 5G-A into the core production areas of vertical industries in the B2B domain to enhance efficiency. Speakers will also illuminate how the combination of mmWave and Dynamic Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS 2.0) fortifies network capabilities, reflected not only in speeds exceeding 28Gb/s but also in specialised use-cases for vertical B2B industries.

In addition, we’ll explore the new application scenarios brought about by 5G-A in the XR and metaverse fields. Prepare to journey with us into the boundless digital future envisaged by 5G-Advanced.