Finnish operator Elisa and Nokia announced the completion of the first successful European test of pre-standard 5G technology using the 3.5GHz band.

In a joint press release, the companies said the trial, held in Rusko, Finland, achieved speeds multiple times higher than commercial 4G networks. At its peak, data speeds reached 1.5Gb/s with a minimum recorded latency of 1.5 milliseconds.

Pre-standard tests for 5G have been underway around the world as operators gear-up for developing and rolling-out next generation networks. Trials have assessed a variety of bandwidths and specifications, and recorded a wide range of data speeds and connection quality.

The 3.5GHz band is widely expected to be one of the main bands supporting 5G technology, and its suitability is being investigated by a range of operators, vendors and regulators.

Following its test with Nokia, Elisa said the fairly low frequency offered by the 3.5GHz band gave the opportunity for comprehensive coverage.

In its home market, where the latest GSMA Intelligence estimates placed Elisa’s market share at 39 per cent at end Q1 2017, the 3.5GHz band will become available at the end of December 2018. After this date, the company said it believed the frequency would be suitable for commercial 5G use.

Elisa VP for technology and architecture Kalle Lehtinen added: “We are eagerly waiting for the 3.5GHz band to become fully available as it will accelerate the offering of commercial 5G services to our customers.”