Korean regulator suggests fining Qualcomm for licensing practices

Korean regulator suggests fining Qualcomm for licensing practices

18 NOV 2015

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) has alleged that Qualcomm violated local competition law in licensing some of its technology and recommended fining the company and demanding it modify its business practices.

The KFTC outlined its conclusions in a report, which the the San Diego-based company said in a statement “are not supported by the facts and are a serious misapplication of law”.

Qualcomm, the largest maker of chips for smartphones, collects a royalty on nearly every smartphone produced, whether or not the handset has its chips. The majority of its profit is generated by royalties from licensing its patents.

Back in February, KFTC announced it launched an investigation of the US chipmaker.

That probe came just days after Qualcomm was fined almost $1 billion by China’s antitrust regulator and agreed to modify its licensing practices and reduce royalties to satisfy the government’s anti-competitive ruling.


Joseph Waring

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