Mobile operators in France deploying Huawei equipment in 5G networks were warned they would not be able to renew related licences once they expire in a maximum of eight years’ time, Reuters reported.

The news publication’s sources claim although operators in the country were cleared to use the kit, those not already using Huawei’s network equipment were being dissuaded from switching by security authorities.

Under government security regulations, operators are issued licences for specific pieces of infrastructure in separate sections of the country. Reuters’ sources noted though approval for Huawei equipment had been issued for between three- and eight-years, they would not be renewed when expired.

The report is the latest speculation on the future of Huawei in France, following a prolonged campaign against the company and fellow Chinese vendor ZTE waged by US authorities under assertions the two are security risks due to alleged government links.

Claims against them are strenuously denied by the companies and Chinese authorities.

In light of the US pressure and a review into the impact of the nation’s sanctions on Huawei, UK authorities reversed an earlier decision to allow the company to supply 5G equipment and instructed operators to remove existing kit by 2027.