Viasat teamed with Azerbaijan’s satellite operator Azercosmos to provide space-based connectivity for a range of industrial applications covering Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Central and South Asia.

The agreement will bring Viasat’s L-band satellite services to Azerbaijan and beyond, with the pair committing to provide connectivity to help “organisations operate more efficiently, sustainability or safely”, even in remote locations.

Viasat and Azercosmos cited applications like tracking and telemetry for advanced transport systems, pipeline monitoring and control for energy companies, real-time control for utilities and environmental or safety monitoring for mining and agriculture.

Azercosmos is the official space agency for the state and was founded in 2010, providing telecoms and ground station communications in public and private sectors.

It will be the first time a Viasat-enabled satellite service will be offered in the country.

For Viasat, the move means it continues to gather momentum in growing its international business. Last month, the US-based space player opened a new HQ in the UK following a $7 billion buyout of Inmarsat.

Andy Kessler, president of Viasat Enterprise, said its global satellite fleet powers a vast range of applications and sectors across the world, ranging from “a single explorer using a satellite phone to major industrial sites managing complex supply chains across borders”.

“Partnering with Azercosmos is an exciting step forward to bring those services to new people and organisations,” he said.