SK Telecom (SKT) completed verification tests of AI-based technology from Ericsson to improve the performance of base stations, claiming the move lays the foundation for evolution to 6G.

The operator stated it increased the speed of data transmission by using Ericsson’s radio network adaptation technology on commercial base stations. SKT explained gains were achieved by identifying the effect of radio interference between neighbouring cells along with radio environment information of user terminals.

SKT stated it is currently difficult to “actively reflect the wireless status of individual terminals” around a base station.

Airin Cherian, head of Ericsson’s 5G development and performance division, said the companies employed AI to optimise “wireless utilisation” and so “improve commercial network performance”.

SKT plans to progressively apply the AI technology to base stations to boost network speeds.

Infrastructure technology manager Park Jong-kwan branded AI “one of the core 6G technologies” and noted using it “has great significance in network evolution”.