Taiwan-based Chunghwa Telecom teamed with Ericsson to deploy a private network for an offshore wind farm using spectrum in the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands, with the companies claiming the project is a first in the sector in Asia.

The first phase of the rollout delivers communication service for 800 employees of Woxu Energy Taiwan, which operates wind turbines 35km to 50km off the coast, Ericsson stated.

Woxu Energy Taiwan GM Wang Xinjie noted the private network overcomes maritime communication challenges, providing “a stable, high-speed and high-quality mobile broadband network, improving work safety and efficiency”.

Jian Zhicheng, GM of Chunghwa Telecom’s Network Technology branch, added the Woxu Energy Taiwan cooperation opens a new chapter for its enterprise private networks.

The companies announced plans for the private network in November 2020.

In an earning call last month, Chunghwa Telecom chairman and CEO Sheih Chi-Mau said it is eyeing business opportunities around private networks, with aims to speed expansion of its private 5G networks and develop smart applications with partners.