NTT Docomo committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its business activities to zero by 2030, adopting network technologies to improve energy efficiency and procuring clean energy from renewable sources.

In addition to directly sourcing renewable energy from solar power plants, the company will purchase non-fossil fuel certificates which are designated as renewable energy, it stated.

It aims to move to 100 per cent renewable energy in retail stores by generating electricity from solar panels and purchasing from power companies.

Reductions in network power consumption are targeted by upgrading the sleep functions of base stations, using power-saving devices for 5G and upgrading to more efficient air-conditioning systems. It will deploy consolidated base station digital processing equipment, sourcing power directly from high-voltage DC kit with reduced transmission loss.

It also plans to help customers and partners reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, launching a platform called Caboneu to enable visualisation and reduction of their greenhouse gas emissions.