NTT Docomo detailed plans to power network facilities in Okayama city with 100 per cent renewable energy, with the majority supplied by a new solar power plant operated by an NTT subsidiary.

The operator explained in a statement it plans to sign an exclusive off-site power purchase agreement with NTT Anode Energy, noting the move is part of efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero by 2030.

The power plant in Tottori prefecture is scheduled to go online in April.

NTT Anode Energy will supply electricity to the building in Okayama via the public power transmission network, with any shortfall covered by purchases of non-fossil certificates designated for renewable energy.

As a result, the building is expected to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by around 10,000 tonnes per year.

In 2021, Docomo detailed plans to move to 100 per cent renewable energy in retail stores by generating electricity from solar panels and purchasing from power companies.