New Zealand’s spectrum regulator detailed plans to reopen the 3.3GHz band for regional broadband networks for first-in, first-served licensing on 13 May, allowing eligible parties to submit licences for any remaining spectrum in the band.

Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) stated prospective licensees need to confirm their eligibility, with the validity period running from the date of licensing to 30 June 2033.

RSM explained licensing for regional broadband networks in the 3.3GHz band under a six-month exclusive rights period ended after all applications were considered, in the first of a two-stage process of spectrum allocation.

From July 1 to December 31 2023 only those with an exclusive right to licence were permitted to place licences in the band. Permits placed during that period extend beyond the end of the exclusive right through to 30 June 2033.

As part of its move to assign 3.3GHz spectrum for regional wireless broadband and private networks, RSM previously allocated two 20MHz channels for non-national and regional broadband use.