LIVE FROM GSMA M360 MOBILE SECURITY AND INDUSTRIES, LONDON: Malla Reddy Sama, manager of 3GPP standardisation at Docomo Euro-Labs (pictured), addressed the security requirements for 5G deployments in industrial settings, stressing the importance of different authentication mechanisms for mobile networks to prevent threats.

Sama pointed to the possible isolation of a network as one of the main security features to mitigate cyberattacks. He claimed this can be done by “physically isolating the network” and implementing strict network perimeter protection and access control, in turn bolstering the protection of data flows.

Further, he highlighted the need for different authentication methods specific to the 5G network that is being deployed to “provide flexibility” based on specific industry needs and use cases to identify security measures.

During a presentation, Sama also pointed to the findings of a study by the 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation, an association of which Docomo’s research arm is a member, and noted standardised security requirements for Operational Technology (OT) networks are crucial to bridge industry sectors which often operate in silos.

“If we look at the MNOs, sometimes it looks like we have different worlds as the MNOs’ goal is to provide services to end-users,” the executive said, adding that this will come with different security and architecture requirements for OT.

“This is why we need one platform to bring the industry together to discuss and evaluate the security aspect,” he added.