Chinese smartphone vendor Vivo continued a push to promote the capabilities of its camera technology, unveiling an imaging chip named V3 which it claimed can help deliver 4k cinema-quality portrait video to mobile-filmed footage.

At an event held in Xining, China, the company noted the chip and associated technology would improve user experience through elements including automatic subject focus detection; cinematic colour processing; and 4k cinema-like bokeh, which creates a soft out-of-focus background.

It claims the V3 makes it the first company producing Android devices to offer “4K cinema-quality portrait video with post-processing functions”.

Alongside the new chip, Vivo unveiled a jointly developed periscope lens design with partner Zeiss said to enhance the zoom facility on compatible devices.

It stated during a period “when everyone can be a creator” it is focused on “providing exceptional user experience with innovative mobile imaging technology”.

Vivo is one of many challenger manufacturers seeking to highlight the abilities of their still and video camera systems, courting the cohorts of social media influencers, content creators and amateur photographers.

“We aim to deliver the user experience of recreating what the human eye can see and make professional-grade imaging capabilities more accessible for everyone,” the company’s Imaging VP Yu Meng said.