IFA 2020, BERLIN: TCL Communication’s electronics division added two tablets and a smartwatch to its own-brand device range, as it highlighted progress towards developing flexible screen technology it plans to use across its business units.

TCL 10 Tabmax and the smaller TCL 10 Tabmid tablets feature the company’s Nxtpaper screen technology, which it claims offers improved protection for eyes along with a full HD display to create a “paper-like visual experience”.

The Tabmax has a 10.36-inch display; Snapdragon 665 processor with octa-core CPU; 8MP front and 13MP rear cameras; 8000mAh battery; and stylus.

Tabmid offers an 8-inch display; 5MP and 8MP camera configurations; 5500mAh battery; and 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity. It runs the same processor.

The tablets are scheduled for release in Q4, with TCL 10 Tabmax priced €299 or €249 for a Wi-Fi only version, and TCL 10 Tabmid €229.

TCL pitched the Movetime Family Watch MT43A at older consumers, with features including hands-free calling, automatic fall detection, heart rate monitoring and medication reminders.

It is set to be released in Europe and North America later in Q3, priced around €229.

HTC also unveiled Moveaudio S200 True Wireless headphones, which include audio and voice controls, and are compatible with Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. It will be available from the end of this month, priced around €99.

Screening the tech
Prior to the launch event, TCL GM of global marketing Stefan Streit told Mobile World Live the new products build on the series of six own-brand smartphones launched over the past 12 months.

As with several big-name rivals, it has also been working on flexible display technology and plans to use it to create new segments in its ranges, both in mobile and other consumer electronic products.

“Over the last ten years it was very difficult to do innovation,” Streit said. “The phones just get bigger, have bigger displays and many more cameras. Inside there’s a lot of improvements, but otherwise we all have the same phone.”

“Go back to when we all had feature phones, we had clamshells, sliders, all kind of different things, it was so much fun.”

However, he added TCL doesn’t need “to rush to the market” with flexible displays.

“We have the technology but we are not making the user a beta tester who pays $2,000 for a not really mature or finished product.”