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Xiaomi off the hook in the US

26 MAY 2021

The US Department of Defence (DoD) lifted restrictions on domestic companies investing in Xiaomi, ending a row commenced in January and removing any designation of the vendor as a puppet of the Chinese government.

Xiaomi began working with the DoD to end the legal battle earlier this month, after the government department agreed to commence proceedings to remove the vendor from the investor list.

The vendor released a statement explaining a US district court had now issued a final order “vacating” it from a designation as a “communist Chinese military company (CMCC)”.

Xiaomi initiated legal proceedings against the US shortly after being placed on the list, arguing its designation was “factually incorrect”.

The vendor expressed gratitude for the trust and support of its global users, partners, staff and shareholders. “The company reiterates that it is an open, transparent and publicly traded, independently operated and managed corporation,” it added.



Kavit Majithia

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