HTC hit by Dutch One M9+ sales glitch

HTC hit by Dutch One M9+ sales glitch

17 AUG 2015

HTC had to issue a statement iterating that there are “no compatibility and software issues” with regard to 4G support in its One M9+ device, after it was withdrawn from sale in the Netherlands.

Initial reports suggested that the smartphone had been withdrawn from sale due to network issues, and that a software update would be made to address the issue. But HTC’s statement now seems to indicate that this is not the case.

“We have not designed HTC One M9+ to support band 20, which is only available on two operators,” it said.

Band 20 LTE is 800MHz – certainly not an uncommon band across Europe – and is used by KPN and Vodafone in the Netherlands. Both operators also operate 4G networks using other frequencies, but 800MHz is generally used to give broad coverage.

Unveiled earlier this year, One M9+ is a slightly larger version of One M9 (with a 5.2-inch screen compared with 5.0-inch), and has a quad-HD (2560×1440 pixel) screen.

Unlike the standard One M9, it is powered by a MediaTek processor, rather than Qualcomm Snapdragon 810.

The company said that “HTC One M9+ sales in the Netherlands only account for a small portion of our global sales…there is no adverse impact on the financials of the company”.


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