Apple and Samsung move toward patent peace

Apple and Samsung move toward patent peace

06 AUG 2014

Apple and Samsung are reported to have dropped a number of patent actions worldwide, although a long-running spat between the two in the US remains ongoing.

In a statement, the pair said the truce “does not involve any licensing arrangements”.

In this regard, it seems to echo an earlier settlement between Apple and Google, which likewise did not involve a commercial deal.

The most likely reason for this latest move appears to be the ever diminishing chance of a decisive victory, against a backdrop of spiraling costs.

Samsung and Apple are embroiled in a long-running US legal case, which has seen trials, retrials, damages and awards, and the pair obviously feel there is still something to gain in this market.

There is still the possibility they will reach a commercial resolution.

Apple recently dropped a lawsuit against Samsung, ending a potential block on sales of devices – which had all been discontinued anyway.

But while the agreement between Apple and Samsung will remove many of the South Korean company’s legal headaches, late last week a new spat emerged – with Microsoft accusing it of breaching a contract previously agreed between them.


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