Lenovo-owned Motorola cancelled a planned event to unveil the latest edition of its foldable Razr and X30 Pro device, hours before the much-hyped Chinese launch was scheduled to begin.

In a statement on its official Weibo page, which it was scheduled to use to broadcast the live event, the company apologised for the cancellation while offering no specific reason for it.

“We are deeply sorry for this, and thank you for your enthusiastic support for Moto’s new products,” it added.

“For information about new products, you can continue to pay attention to Moto’s official information platform.”

The event had been regularly promoted by the company across its Chinese social media platforms, with posts including videos of the new devices, teasers of foldable screens, and various specifications and features for the handsets set to be launched.

It would have marked the company’s third version of the rebooted Razr handset, a brand it revived in 2019.