Taiwan-headquartered chip company MediaTek committed to powering all offices from renewable sources by 2030 as part of a pledge to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

MediaTek stated it plans to achieve its goals through more environmentally-friendly designs, conserving energy and reducing carbon, and supply chain management.

It explained chips produced in 2021 cut energy consumption by “an average of 23 per cent” over those made in 2020.

Carbon reduction efforts will cover energy-saving for data centres, conserving power in offices and equipment, installing solar panels and procuring green energy.

“We hope that our efforts can influence the supply chain for the better and that the industry can work together to accelerate sustainability efforts to protect the earth”, CEO Rick Tsai explained.

In its 2021 sustainability report, MediaTek stated its commitment to a greener future will form the foundation of all business transactions, including product design, supply chains and broader environmental R&D.

The company noted it had already implemented various green policies and achieved certification covering its greenhouse gasses and energy management systems, as part of a commitment to achieving COP26 goals.