A new MVNO has launched in the UK that is touting itself as an ethical alternative to the main mobile networks by pledging to give 25 percent of its profits to charity.

The new company, called ‘the People’s Operator' (TPO), will run on market leader EE’s network, according to a report by The Next Web.

It is founded by Andrew Rosenfeld, a British businessman who co-founded Minerva, a FTSE250 property investment and development firm.

“The challenge for me has always been to combine commerce and giving in communities,” says Rosenfeld. “So we hatched together the idea of creating a mobile phone network, that would run as a commercial enterprise but which would also help communities.”

According to the report, TPO will launch initially as a prepay network only, moving to SIM-only contract deals early next year.

A foundation has been set-up to collect and allocate the 25 percent of TPO’s profits that will be distributed to charities. Customers can also allocate a further 10 percent to go to a cause of their choosing, a sum that comes directly from their calls, texts and data spend.