Matt Ablott

Matt Ablott

The future of mobility: your sofa

Vendors have been mucking around with screen sizes for years; now it’s time to add …

Matt Ablott

It’s the spectrum, stupid

Sprint’s attempt to buy-out Clearwire is the latest move by a US operator to strengthen …

Matt Ablott

Jolla: Setting sail on the smartphone seas

My fondly-remembered childhood Commodore Amiga was the first computer I owned that had something resembling …


Adding 4G to the shopping list

The good people at EE yesterday let me visit one of their new flagship retail …


Sprint-Softbank: The big bet

The high-rolling entrepreneur behind the Sprint-Softbank deal has made a career out of upping the ante.


Shiny toys and hard choices

So who were those 2 million over-excitable fools who “pre-ordered” the iPhone 5 last Friday? …


September’s smartphone goldrush

A glut of smartphones will be unveiled this month; no prizes for guessing which will dominate the headlines.


India seeks to atone for Spectrumgate

Spectrum auctions tend to be prosaic affairs. Not many warrant their own Wikipedia page. But …


Facebook’s mobile migraine

If you accept that we are in the midst of another tech bubble, then that …


Ghosts in the machine

A few weeks ago I spent a day with Telefonica Digital as it showed off …