BT Group unveiled what it pitched as the UK’s first drone SIM, a product it claimed would push the boundaries of drone flights by enabling reliable connectivity for mission critical use cases.

The SIM will use EE’s network and has been designed to function at high altitudes, the company said in a statement, adding it is resistant to extreme temperatures and humidity, supporting drone applications in any season.

It will also enable “high priority and ultra-responsive connectivity” and improved video streaming quality, allowing drones to deliver detailed imagery and video for various use cases.

This, BT said, represents a “dramatic shift” from using local Wi-Fi or radio transmissions, enabling drones to travel significant distances while staying connected.

The SIM will be available for BT’s enterprise clients, with the company citing delivery of medical supplies, search and rescue operations and infrastructure inspection as potential deployments.

The launch builds on a series of drone technology trials.

Earlier this year, it struck a deal to provide its network for the country’s first drone medical delivery. It had also injected £5 million into start-up Altitude Angel, with a related agreement to develop a drone superhighway.