Snap debuted a new feature allowing users to recall messages even after they are viewed or saved by other users.

The feature covers single messages or entire conversations in both individual and group chats. The tool will also work for removal of media including stickers and audio notes.

Snap’s move follows the introduction of similar features from WhatsApp in October and Line in December 2017. WhatsApp parent Facebook pledged in April to bring a similar unsend tool to its Messenger app in the coming months.

As in WhatsApp and Line’s implementations, there is no stealth component to Snap’s version: other participants in the chat will be alerted when a message is deleted.

A handful of caveats exist: Snap pointed out other users can still screenshot messages and the feature might not always work if the internet connection is bad or if users are running older versions of the app.

Snap said the feature will be rolled out to users across the globe over the next few weeks.