The chiefs of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Juniper Networks used their keynote session to highlight expected benefits for mobile operators from a proposed $14 billion deal to combine the two announced earlier this year.

Appearing on stage less than two months after HPE announced it would buy Juniper Networks subject to regulatory approval, the former’s president and CEO Antonio Neri (pictured, centre) and Juniper Networks boss Rami Rahim (pictured, right) discussed the rationale of the deal and anticipated benefits for customers.

Neri described the agreement as coming at an “inflection point with AI” citing the increasingly converging worlds of communications infrastructure and IT into the AI era.  

He added the two had an “opportunity to partner to do something amazing which not only advances business but society as a whole”, adding: “I think of connectivity as an important aspect for society. We must make it inclusive, we must make it sustainable.”

“AI is going to demand a lot of key innovation to increase power, increase performance and with HPE [combined] with Juniper we intend to do that,” he added.   

On announcing the floated acquisition, HPE stated Juniper Networks would be incorporated into its networking business with Rahim set to lead the enlarged unit.

Discussing the potential of being part of HPE, Rahim noted capabilities developed by HPE across “all layers of IT” and software “can increase the relevance of our solutions to solve some of our service providers’ most pressing challenges today”.

“We have to get through this regulatory process but I honestly can’t wait to get to the other side of it so we can demonstrate to our customers what we can do as a single company,” he added.