XL Axiata completed 4G coverage testing for a forthcoming light rail network connecting Jakarta with other cities, having deployed 2,300 base stations along two routes with 18 stations.

Head of network operations Okrisimon stated tests covered the quality of LTE service on both lines.

XL customers will be able to access “quality telecommunications and data services” on the rail service, the executive said.

The network team will monitor traffic as rail service begins to prepare for a spike when lines are fully operational.

A soft launch of light rail service is scheduled for next week.

XL noted is has more than 10,400 sites in Jakarta province, with about 1,400 in neighbouring Depok and more than 3,600 in the greater Bekasi area.

It deployed some 147,000 base stations across Indonesia, the majority 4G.

The operator ended March with 57 million LTE subscribers, 93.3 per cent of its total user base.