Vodafone New Zealand fired up a reseller platform developed to make it easier for MVNOs to launch services on its network, naming MyRepublic New Zealand as the first customer.

Tony Baird, director of wholesale and infrastructure with Vodafone, predicted positives for consumers from the MVNO strategy.

The move will drive competition and provide “New Zealand consumers more options in terms of pricing plans and unlocking the relatively nascent wholesale mobile market”, Baird stated.

He added Vodafone invested to build “a seamless, dynamic and intuitive MVNO product, paired with innovative commercial constructs”.

Vodafone has other partnerships in the pipeline, the executive added.

MVNO sales have been a core part of many operators across the world, but Baird stated they “only make up approximately 1.8 per cent of the market” in New Zealand.

“It’s our belief that the conditions are now right to help New Zealand grow its MVNO market, and Vodafone will work with partners that can complement our brand and help us increase our network utlisation.”