Spark New Zealand teamed with network-as-a-service company Netlinkz to deliver remote connectivity from Starlink birds to enterprise customers later in the year, with plans to soon release details on a satellite-to-phone service for mobile users.

In a statement, Spark product director Tessa Tierney argued connectivity continuity during extreme weather events or other disruption to normal communications had become critical for businesses.

Tierney added the partnership with Netlinkz enables it “to supply Starlink” service to business customers, enhancing its “end-to-end digital capabilities” with “an additional layer of resilience and business continuity”.

The companies are trialling the service with some local businesses.

Rival 2degrees forged an agreement with Lynk Global to bring its satellite-to-phone service to customers in rural areas, scheduled to commence later this year.

One New Zealand plans to launch its own service using Starlink in late 2024.