SK Telecom (SKT) signed a deal to use security company Pindrop’s AI-based voice authentication technology in its call centres to reduce customer consultation and wait times, with plans to commercialise the service by combining it with its own technology.

The South Korea-based operator stated it began piloting the cloud-based service in 2021 and recently verified its effectiveness through evaluations with customers.

SKT said the technology can “identify a user’s unique voice and authenticate an individual” after a “simple” conversation “without additional authentication”. It added the service can register voiceprints with a “maximum accuracy of 98 per cent” and is “widely used by many global companies” including Verizon and BT.

In addition to its call centres, SKT will deploy the service on devices requiring personal authentication including access control and biometric security.

SKT expects the voice recognition technology to be used for authentication across applications including vehicle access and online shopping.