Optus moved to simplify customers’ management of third-party OTT content by deploying a subscription management service co-developed by Docomo Digital.

In a statement, Optus’ head of TV and content Corin Dimopoulos explained the SubHub service aims to simplify the user experience by enabling customers to securely pay for subscriptions as part of their monthly mobile phone or broadband bills.

SubHub features a number of promotions on Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited and Calm this month, with more to be offered soon.

Optus TV, content and product development VP Clive Dickens used a separate, related statement to note the platform includes complimentary trial content subscriptions for customers, who can also earn discounts of up to 10 per cent when they bundle multiple paid content services.

In Docomo Digital’s announcement, CCO Jonathan Bennett explained Optus is developing next-generation digital services and the Japan-headquartered company’s SaaS platform provides “analytics, reporting and fraud prevention”.

Docomo Digital is a global provider of online payment platforms including direct carrier billing for mobile operators and merchants.