Samsung wants Apple to share the terms of its recent settlement with HTC, arguing that it is relevant to Apple’s request for an order banning sales of Samsung devices in the US, says Bloomberg.

Apple and HTC agreed to end all patent litigation and signed a ten-year licence agreement on November 10. The agreement includes the dismissal of all current lawsuits as well as future patents held by either company.

It has been reported that, as part of the agreement, HTC agreed to pay Apple US$6-8 for each Android handset it sells, which is equivalent to a sum of approximately US$200-300 million in 2013, although the amounts have not been officially disclosed.

Samsung’s current filing says it is “almost certain” that there is a crossover between the Apple-HTC settlement and some of the patents it is disputing with Apple.

The filing says the HTC settlement may undermine Apple’s claim that Samsung’s patent infringement cannot be rectified by licence payments. The US company is pushing for a sales ban on Samsung handsets.

Unlike HTC, Samsung looks unwilling to settle with Apple, according to JK Shin, the head of Samsung’s mobile business. “We have no such intention,” he told AFP last week.

The Korean vendor faces a December court hearing for Apple’s request for a permanent sales ban for eight Samsung smartphones and one of its tablets in the US.