Apple failed to take the edge off criticism from game developer Epic Games and music streaming company Spotify over its App Store practices, as the two companies dismissed recent updates by the tech giant offering alternative payment methods for app purchases as an attempt to distract regulators.

Addressing updates announced by Apple last week which allow developers to inform users by email of options to make app-related purchases outside the iOS platform, Spotify’s chief legal officer Horacio Gutierrez tweeted the changes failed to address the core concerns over Apple’s behaviour, which he described as anticompetitive and unfair.

Seeing an attempt by Apple to slow the “momentum that’s building around the world” aimed at addressing the iPhone maker’s practices, Spotify reaffirmed its goal to seek “real reforms” ensuring companies can compete fairly.

The Coalition for App Fairness, which represents Epic Games and Spotify among others, said app makers will “still be barred from communicating about lower prices or offering competing payment options within their apps” following Apple’s changes.

In a tweet, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney commented the company’s legal spat against Apple will continue regardless of the update.

Apple’s move to ease curbs in the App Store is its settlement to a class action lawsuit filed by software developers in the US in June 2019.

In addition to options to notify users on alternative payment means, Apple’s changes also aim to expand the price points developers can offer for subscriptions, in-app purchases and paid apps.

The company also announced a $100 million fund to support small developers in the US which have earned $1 million or less per year since June 2021. Its updates are pending court approval.