Amazon announced a plan to inject an additional €10 billion into its cloud infrastructure and logistics network in Germany, as it continued to expand its presence across Europe.

Following a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy posted on X the investment also includes expanding its development centre in Berlin.

“Amazon has a long history in Germany and we look forward to continuing to work together to support invention, customers, our employees and communities here,” he stated.

The move includes €8.8 billion to build and maintain its cloud infrastructure for its AWS business in the Frankfurt region by 2026, which it stated would help meet growing customer demand for its related technologies.

Amazon’s latest capital infusion builds on a €77 billion investment in Germany since 2010.

It is on top of a €7.8 billion AWS European Sovereign Cloud investment announced last month, which will be based in Germany.

The cloud provider noted it is now committed to spending a total of €17.8 billion in Germany through its various projects.

AWS stated in May it would invest €15.7 billion in Spain by end-2033 and €1.2 billion in France.