US boutique device-maker Peek has launched today what it claims is the world’s first dedicated Twitter device. Available exclusively via, the firm said the BlackBerry-style TwitterPeek device was targeted at Twitter users without smartphones or mobile data plans. “TwitterPeek will make it easy and affordable for everyone who doesn’t have a smartphone to really enjoy Twitter on-the-go,” said Amol Sarva, the firm’s so-called ‘Peekster-in-Chief.’ The service offers unlimited tweets and direct messages and ‘always-on’ instant tweet delivery. The device is deliberately priced to undercut smartphones; an initial payment of US$99 includes the device and 6 months of unlimited Twitter use, rising to US$7.95 per month thereafter. The more expensive US$199 deal includes unlimited Twitter service for the lifetime of the device.

TwitterPeek is the firm’s third device. It has previously launched two data-only devices offering dedicated low-cost mobile messaging capabilities. The ‘Peek Classic’ costs US$49.95 plus US$19.95 per month for unlimited email, while the ‘Peek Pronto’ – launched in March this year – costs US$79.95 and offers unlimited email and text messaging for US$19.95 per month. According to earlier reports, Peek’s services piggyback on T-Mobile USA’s mobile data network.