Vodafone Group and Sumitomo Corporation’s venture Pairpoint teamed with Deloitte and asset management company Nexxiot to provide digital services aimed at improving global supply chain operations, combining expertise to enhance efficiency and security in the logistics sector. 

For the push, Pairpoint will combine its Digital Asset Broker (DAB) platform with a cargo risk management service developed by Deloitte and Nexxiot’s existing offering for the logistics sector. 

The companies stated the integration of these services “will automatically verify the provenance of data on the movement and content of cargo, allowing companies to improve freight handling whilst complying with trade laws”. 

Pairpoint pointed to the ability of its DAB platform to assist clients with the audit trails, preparing them to meet forthcoming regulatory requirements in the logistics sector. 

The collaboration is expected to speed customs and port authority clearance by using technology to prove the audit trail of cargo.

“By protecting a shipping container from being opened and improving the reporting about the container’s contents to the port authorities, cargo can be moved much faster through customs”, Pairpoint noted.