South Korea-based KT automated management of equipment in its core internet network by deploying an in-house next-generation SDN controller.

KT stated the SDN controller supports all standards for managing network equipment from major suppliers. 

To move to autonomous operations, it plans to develop core AI technology which recognises, analyses and evaluates network situations in order to respond in advance to complex situations.

Lee Jong-sik, director of the KT Network Research Institute, said next-generation network technology “will accelerate the transition to a fully autonomous network operating system in the future”.

“We plan to lead development.”

KT explained the SDN controller strengthens the stability of its backbone network by automating all control commands; verifying their validity before they are executed; preventing errors in advance; and providing one-click recovery when required. 

The software-based functionality centrally controls and manages equipment from various manufacturers, minimises human intervention, prevents errors and allows KT to operate the network more easily and stably, the company added.