AT&T vowed to continue offering a $30 internet tariff after US government funding to spur connections by low-income households ends later this year, as it committed a further $3 billion to initiatives to close the digital divide.

The operator noted the latest funding commitment would bring the total it allocated to the broadband push to $5 billion since 2021, as it strives to offer connectivity to 25 million people.

AT&T quoted Broadband Now data published in November 2023 which stated 42 million people in the US continue to lack access to fixed or mobile broadband. It also highlighted a lack of digital literacy remained a barrier for some within coverage areas.

It stated the additional funding would “address the main barriers to connectivity, affordability and adoption”.

AT&T explained it would continue to press politicians to renew the government’s Affordable Connectivity Programme, which is due to end in a matter of weeks, “and find a long-term solution to support families most in need”.

It also plans to continue offering discounted mobile services “to more than 135,000 public and private” educational facilities.

The operator stated close to 5 million people had accessed its discounted internet service and digital literacy programmes since 2021.

Other highlights include donating more than $123 million to non-profits focused on closing the digital divide; providing 245,000 web-capable devices or internet connections; and delivering digital skills training to 288,000 adults.