The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today released a statement claiming that CDMA operators will be among the first to deploy next-generation mobile technology such as LTE and mobile WiMAX. A move to LTE would see CDG’s members migrate to a technology that is an evolution of GSM, traditionally a rival to CDMA. The statement names Verizon Wireless, SK Telecom, KTF, Telecom New Zealand, KDDI, China Telecom, MetroPCS and Aircell as existing CDMA operators that have announced intentions to deploy LTE. Meanwhile US CDMA operator Sprint Nextel has launched its mobile WiMAX network in Baltimore and plans to expand nationally in the coming months.

CDG claimed that CDMA operator moves to LTE and mobile WiMAX will initially be focused on highly-populated metropolitan areas. It believes that such operators will continue to “rely on CDMA2000 [technology] to provide coverage and seamless roaming in the surrounding areas and in international markets.” It adds that the move to new OFDM-based technology will “complement” their CDMA networks. In February this year the GSM Association, the global trade group representing more than 750 GSM mobile operators across 218 countries and territories of the world, announced plans to welcome CDMA operators that have committed to an LTE future.