China-based smartphone maker Xiaomi is apparently set to offer a device compatible with Google’s low-cost Android handset aspirations, bringing a big-name backer to the project.

According to reports originating from Indonesia – a massive mobile market which was the focus of Google’s efforts previously – Xiaomi will offer a device compatible with Google’s Android One programme, which has received lukewarm support so far among top-tier device makers.

Such a device would run the base version of Android – meaning it would not ship with Xiaomi’s MIUI interface onboard – and receive updates direct from Google. It would be based on the existing Mi 5X smartphone (pictured), meaning Xiaomi could benefit from economies of scale in terms of component sourcing and manufacturing.

Earlier this year, at its I/O 2017 developer event, Google took the wraps off Android Go, another effort to drive Android adoption among entry-level users by supporting lower spec (and therefore lower cost) devices. The company is also focused on extending the programme beyond emerging markets.