US operator Verizon touted a partnership with a US National Football League (NFL) team that included 5G-based facial recognition to verify attendees for access control and accelerated ticketing at games.

The opt-in 5G Accelerated Access facial recognition program is one element of a broader relationship the operator struck with the Tennessee Titan NFL football team.

According to Verizon’s website, the facial software-as-a-service program provides end-to-end encryption while matching guests’ faces with their tokens or tickets, which reduces long lines at entry points.

Access control at gates and checkpoints can also cut down the number of staff  needed at checkpoints due to the automated check-in.

The operator noted the use of cloud-based MEC infrastructure eliminated the need for on-premise servers.

Verizon stated the Accelerated Access program is one element in its broader Verizon Business Connected Venue.

The operator has made investments in more than 75 large public venues across the US, including the location of the NFL’s championship game in February and other major sports and music venues.

Verizon has a five-year contract with the NFL to provide a managed private wireless service for coach-to-coach communications across all 30 stadiums starting with the current season.