T-Mobile US launched an IoT developer kit to kick-start innovation on its wireless network, stating the move removes bureaucratic hurdles to accessing connectivity and relevant experts.

It is offering the kit through a self-service developer platform launched in March which offers access to a range of certified equipment.

T-Mobile’s IoT kit is priced at $99. It features a CAT-M IoT SIM offering data rates of up to 375Kb/s and 500MB of data, a SDK for integration with cloud services, embedded sensors and radios, debugging capabilities for programming and access to free APIs.

Rob Roy, SVP of emerging products at T-Mobile, stated it was “empowering developers” by making it easier for them to connect to its network.

T-Mobile’s DevEdge platform is an attempt to generate interest in more than just the faster data rates of 5G by boosting development of relevant products and services.