Elon Musk’s Starlink broadband satellite service was hit with an outage on 30 August that lasted about three hours before coming back online, albeit with degraded speeds in some areas, according to social media posts by customers.

Starlink users took to Twitter and Reddit across the US, New Zealand, Mexico and the Netherlands to report service outages and disruptions,

A Netherlands-based reporter for The Verge stated his speeds dropped to 32 Mb/s down and 17 Mb/s up  compared to regular speeds of around 200 Mb/s down and 30 Mb/s on the upstream.

Starlink surpassed more than 400,000 customers worldwide in June and currently has close to 3,000 satellites in orbit. It routinely rolls out updates across the system in an effort to improve speeds.

The satellite provider did not respond to an email seeking comment on the cause of the outage and service disruptions.

The connectivity issue came less than a week after SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and T-Mobile US CEO Mike Sievert announced plans to collaborate on a satellite-to-mobile phone service using Starlink’s satellites.