SoftBank Corp unveiled a research initiative with Japanese institution Keio University to explore business uses for quantum computing, with the company eyeing research into how mobile technologies and IoT can contribute in this emerging area.

In a statement, SoftBank explained it will send experts to the university’s quantum computing centre to explore use cases for the next generation of computing system.

Initial research will be focused on mechanical analysis of molecules and nuclei.

SoftBank noted alongside quantum chemistry, it plans to aid research in multiple fields including using the advanced technology for machine learning and optimisation planning.

The company asserted it will “work with mobile technologies such as 5G and 6G communication systems and IoT to contribute to the social implementation of quantum computers”.

It added enormous amounts of processing power was becoming necessary for data analysis, exemplified by the use of AI, with “classical computers…struggling to process these computation amounts within a practical timeframe”.

“The pursuit of quantum computing has gained significant momentum as it offers diverse applications across various industries, including public transportation, logistics, finance, manufacturing, and the development of new drugs and materials,” the operator added.

SoftBank is the latest operator to contribute to efforts around developments in quantum computing, with BT Group, China Telecom and Telecom Italia also making plays in this area.