Full-page advertisements placed by Samsung in the US promise to share the findings of an investigation into what went so wrong with the Note 7.

The advert is an open letter run in a number of US newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today.

“At Samsung, we innovate to deliver breakthrough technologies that enrich people’s lives,” Gregory Lee, president of Samsung Electronics North America, wrote in the letter.

“An important tenet of our mission is to offer best-in-class safety and quality. Recently we fell short on this promise. For this we are truly sorry,” he added.

The same executive last week spoke during the GSMA Mobility Live event about 2017 being targeted as a timeframe for rebuilding its brand and confidence in the US.

This week’s letter appears to be an early start to that campaign.

The letter said: “A careful Note 7 investigation is underway and the findings will be shared when the analysis is complete. The process will be thorough and include some of the best independent technical experts in the world to help inform and validate our work.”

Samsung launched the Note 7 in August but was forced to kill it in October after some of the devices caught fire or exploded. The company said on 5 November that about 85 per cent of the recalled devices in the US have been replaced.

The company is attempting to draw a line under the affair, ahead of the release of its flagship Galaxy S8 phone in a few months’ time.

A version of the letter also appeared on its European website. The Note 7 did not go on general sale in Europe, meaning less affected customers.