With a Supreme Court decision on its side, Samsung prepared to head back to court with Apple next week in an attempt to slash the amount of damages it owes its rival in a long-standing patent infringement case.

At stake in the upcoming meeting, the pair’s third in district court for this case, is $399 million of a $548 million penalty Samsung agreed to pay Apple in December 2015.

The case stems from a patent infringement lawsuit initially filed by Apple in 2011.

In the original verdict in August 2012 which found Samsung guilty of infringement, a jury awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages. The sum was later slashed nearly in half by a judge. A rehearing of the case to recalculate the damages resulted in Samsung agreeing to pay Apple $548 million, an amount based on the profits Samsung made from devices using Apple’s patents.

Samsung is now attempting to lower the amount of money it owes Apple by arguing the damages should be calculated based on a portion, rather than the entirety, of the infringing smartphones’ value because the patents comprise only a small part of the devices.

The South Korea-based company heads into the latest skirmish with a Supreme Court decision in its favour. In December 2016, the court agreed damages could be calculated based on value of the offending components rather than the entire device.