Orange and Nokia joined forces to increase the use of refurbished equipment in telecoms infrastructure, as the pair look to boost their environmental sustainability credentials by reducing carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing of new network kit.

In a statement, Orange explained all of its subsidiaries will use refurbished Nokia radio equipment, with work covering other network elements ongoing.

The move is tipped to provide “a competitive and reliable alternative” to network operators.

Ramon Fernandez, Orange delegate CEO, described the partnership as the “first major contractual step forward” for the group and its subsidiaries, with a positive environmental impact for Nokia as well.

He added the companies shared a vision of a circular economy where “environmental exemplarity supports sustainable value creation”.

Nokia president of Mobile Networks Tommi Uitto highlighted reuse as key for extending product life, adding the move showcased the importance of collaboration in addressing “the big challenges society faces”.

The move is part of Orange’s broader OSCAR programme, which aims to meet the group’s carbon neutrality goals by 2040 by putting circular economy “at the heart” of infrastructure networks.

To achieve sustainability, Nokia targets halving carbon emissions across its value chain between 2019 and 2030.