Reuters reported Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg (pictured) told employees the company was working on retention strategies for its Threads app following a large drop-off in users after it launched earlier this month.

The text-based social media service racked-up 10 million users within seven hours of its debut prior to scaling to 100 million, but Reuters reported more than half have since left.

Zuckerberg reportedly told staff the drop is natural and retention should pick up once features including a desktop version and search functionality are added.

Reuters reported chief product officer Chris Cox said another option available would be to more-closely tie the new service to Meta Platforms’ Instagram offering

The CEO alluded to upcoming improvements for Threads during the company’s Q2 earnings call earlier this week, asserting more people than he expected were returning each day and it is working on retention.

He noted Meta Platforms’ strategy will be similar to its approach for its other social media apps.