Google halted sales of the enterprise edition of its smart glasses product and indicated it would end support for the devices in September, years after discontinuing its much-maligned consumer-focused sibling.

In a note on its website, Google said it had stopped selling the Glass Enterprise Edition yesterday (15 March). Support for the product until mid-September includes providing replacement devices, though there will be no further software updates provided.

In a very brief statement on its Glass website, Google outlined its timeline and thanked supporters for “over a decade of innovation and partnership”.

The company had released two iterations of the enterprise edition of the AR product, with the first being pushed to businesses in July 2017.

An upgraded edition hit the market in 2019. At that time the first version was promoted by Google as being used by a range of big players in the healthcare, logistics and manufacturing sectors, among others, including DHL and AGCO.

Google’s consumer-focused Glass Explorer Edition received its last software update from the company in 2020, though had stopped being shipped to members of the “explorer programme” of early adopters in 2015.

The initial device released in 2013 faced criticism about perceived issues with privacy, the style and usefulness.

Despite Google’s experiences in the consumer segment other companies have made moves in this space in the recent years including Xiaomi, Oppo and Facebook parent Meta Platforms, which partnered with spectacle specialist Luxottica.