Ericsson outlined plans to offer users on standalone (SA) 5G tariffs the ability to access network slicing on-demand to improve the performance of applications in devices which will run Android 14 OS.

While the OS previously offered network slicing for devices running version 12 or higher, Android 14 will enable a requested slice to be provisioned to a subscriber on-demand and for a time-limited period based on their tariff.

Ericsson stated users of Android 14 devices will have more control over their 5G experience. It gives operators and developers the flexibility to create personalised and flexible services to meet the needs of their subscribers.

The vendor added the characteristics of the 5G network slice including duration, cost and availability, will be determined and provisioned by operators.

Network slicing will be provisioned by Ericsson’s core network software. The functionality is supported on the device by user equipment route selection policy technology which allows a device to dynamically select one or multiple slices which will then be provisioned by an operator.

Monica Zethzon, head of Solution Area Core Networks for Ericsson, stated the on-demand functionality will enable operators to develop new services for consumers which will in turn lead to revenue from 5G.

Android 14 was released in beta earlier this year ahead of full availability over the coming months.

GSMA Intelligence research placed the proportion of 5G networks either already or preparing for SA at 50 per cent in Q1.