The European Commission (EC) detailed plans and objectives to bolster its digital goals, stating its next steps will shine a spotlight on the related economy and public services, technological skills and network infrastructure across Europe.

In a statement, the EC explained the digital decade policy programme will guide the European (EU) member states to achieve their ambitions by 2030.

The EC highlighted four key areas: improving citizens’ digital skills; deploying emerging technologies including cloud and AI for enterprise; advancing network and data infrastructure; and digitising public services and administrative processes.

“These targets embody the policy programme’s objectives”, the EC claimed, citing a secure and competitive digital environment, fair online business practices and access to technology as fundamental to the continent’s ambitions.

To make this possible, the EC will develop KPIs to monitor progress in the coming months. It stated EU member states are expected to hand in a “national strategic roadmap” detailing policies and actions to support the digital goals in October 2023.

Additionally, the EC emphasised the importance of “multi-country projects” to advance investments in digital infrastructure spanning technologies including 5G and quantum computing.

The EC is scheduled to publish its first digital decade report in June.