Deutsche Telekom (DT) teamed with specialist Mira on a trial of teleoperated driving using its 5G network, with a remote control shuttle service set to be used as transport between some of the operator’s sites in Bonn, Germany.

DT explained the pilot would offer in-depth insights into the requirements for teleoperated driving, including on 5G infrastructure, which it indicated would be important for the future development of driverless mobility.

Expected benefits of the fledgling technology for automated shuttle fleets include a reduction in downtime and better utilisation of vehicles, as they are all controlled from a central location.

In the test the operator’s 5G network will be used to transmit large amounts of data in near real time between the shuttles and the control station.

Mira MD Klaus Kappen stated he was “convinced that teleoperated driving will play an important role in improving the efficiency and sustainability of transport” adding in the trial it could develop “solutions for the mobility of the future and test them on public roads today.”

Remote-controlled driving on public roads in Germany currently requires special permission from authorities, Mira noted.

Last year the pair collaborated on a demonstration of a remotely controlled car in inner city traffic as part of a conference in Cologne.