Mobile operators are currently facing significant financial challenges when implementing 5G technology. Required resources are expensive, and the return on investment is often questioned in terms of generating new incomes. In this context, JSC Ingenium’s webinar provides a timely and informative exploration into how cloudification and 5G can be leveraged to optimise operational costs, offering a critical advantage for both regional operators and MVNOs.

Through a comprehensive practical case study, this webinar will address the pressing issues operators encounter, such as the need to justify 5G investments and the quest for more efficient operations. Attendees will learn how integrating cloud solutions and 5G can streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve service delivery, providing a much-needed boost to their operational efficiency.

Join us for this insightful session, where we will share real-world applications and strategic implementations of these technologies. Discover how cost optimisation through cloudification and 5G can provide a competitive edge, especially for local operators and MVNOs striving to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. This webinar offers an invaluable chance to gain insight into innovative ideas and explore solutions that can transform your business operations.